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My grandfather had bought our 2007 Prius used back in Feb of this year. Approximately 3wks ago we began having problems with electrical.

It began with the dash lights. They would all shut off while driving. Then they would shut off when you switched on the headlights. Now as long as you leave the "automatic lights" switched on, the dash lights come on.

But thats not all. Last week i noticed that the "brake" stays on even after the emergency brake is releasd. After yje brake is reasead and foot is on the regular brake pedal, the car will slowly roll backward and then jolting to stop, feels like you hit something.

Nope not it, the ABS light is on as well and the gas light will not stop flashing, but no "low fuel" message. Weven after putting $20.00 of gas in. That should be at least 3/4 full.

Is there anything i can do? What is causing these problems? Please someone help.
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