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My Toyota dealers employees claims the ones it provides are especially made for the Prius and you should only use those, at least that what the mechanics. Prices seemed a bit to high, and they sometimes wanted to replace tires that i found passed the lincoln penny test. Grrr I hate care salesman and mechanics.

Anyway I went to TiresPlus, they said they had several tires that were excellent for the car, Potenza? Anyone else know if they are good for a prius. The price to get i think 2 tires replaced at toyota was i think 120, i think it was 80 at Tires Plus with the potenzas.

It is a 2002 Prius. each of the tires seems to be at different life cycles, one was a blowout replacement, in the back left, don't know why the front 2 don't have the same wear. Anyway.

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