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Navigation system and NavTraffic

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Hello all,

I am probably going to buy a Prius in the near future. I've been trying to do my homework and learn as much as I can.

As I intend to use the Prius as a commuter car in Washington DC, I am concerned about traffic.

Does anyone know if the Prius' navigation system is compatible with the XM Navtraffic subscription service?

The Navtraffic FAQ states: "The XM NavTraffic service has been designed as an industry standard solution for multiple navigation systems, and will support the digital map databases from NAVTEQ or TeleAtlas/GDT."


After reading all the posts about cellphone problems, I thought it would be best to check to see if anyone has had experience.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!
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It certainly doesn't for 2004-2005, and I am mostly certain it doesn't for 2006, especially when XM is only a dealer installed option that came officially available for Prius a few months ago.
Hmmmm....thanks for the info! :)
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