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My Prius Battery Dead

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My Pruis Battery totally Dead. I bough the car form 2000. It seem very good for last 2 years. But the PS light appeaed last year. I put it to toyota shop (HK). But he said I need to replace my battery. Because I bought the import from Japan. So I need to pay around u.s.$ 5000 to it.
Can anyone tell me where can I found the battery cheaper.
Thank You!!
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Replacement High Voltage Battery

In the USA, the Prius comes with a free extended warranty on the HV battery and hybrid parts. It seems like Toyota would have offered something similar for other countries. I would contact Toyota directly and see if a similar warranty program applies to your car and situation.

I have only heard of a couple of cars with battery problems in the USA, and those were replaced under warranty.

Good luck.
Thanks for reply

Thanks for reply. I really want to know how to fix it. I love the car Very Much, In Hong Kong, We don't have many Prius here. Many people alfarid the car technical problem. If anyone know how to fix it. Please Help me.
Thank you Thank you very much.
Franky Ho
Please be aware that you have the model that was available in Japan only, prior to the model we have in the U.S. The most significant change between the 2000 and 2001 model year was the high voltage hybrid battery. The newer battery has a slightly lower voltage, but higher energy capacity. So you need to get repair and replacement information from Japan for your old model battery. The battery we have is not a direct replacement. If your battery is really dead, you will need to get a replacement from Toyota Japan or hope to find one in a junked Prius that is still good.

Maybe you could find an electrician willing to wire up a new model battery to your car, but the charging circuit might not maintain it correctly. I don't know if they sell the new model Prius in Hong Kong, but a junked new model Prius would at least have a newer battery.

Are you sure the high voltage battery is dead? The PS light wouldn't indicate that, it would indicate a problem with the power steering. Did your Toyota shop say why they think the battery is dead? You should at least verify that the 12 volt battery (in the left side of the trunk) is ok. The Prius cannot start without it, but it's much easier to replace than the high voltage battery.
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