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I am just about at the end of my rope. I've been trying everything I
can think of to even get a Prius on order, and nothing seems to work.
I dealt with a dealer for 2 weeks even trying to figure out whether or
not they MIGHT get one in, and when he had one on the lot and I left a
deposit they jerked it out from under me saying someone else had left
a deposit "mere moments before I did".

I left a deposit with another dealer who said he would have the one I
wanted in 4-6 weeks, but now he calls me a week later and tells me he
doesn't have the one I wanted but can get me one without all the stuff
I ordered in 10 days and it will be another 3 months before he gets
anything in.

Does anyone know where I can order a 2004 Prius that won't pull the
bait and switch on me and jerk me around continuously? I'm even
willing to wait a month or two! (I know there's a couple of dealers
lurking about here, so if you're not going to play games with me I'll
buy. Just contact me privately.)

I don't want to be stuck driving a
stupid Corolla! Help!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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