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Daniel said:
John1701a says the safe assumption is that you have 9 usable gallons tank capacity if the tank was filled until the pump shut off. However, you do not know for sure that your dealer filled it all the way.

Some folks have said they got 1.5 gallons after the last bar on the gauge started to blink, but others have reported less, and I read one report of someone who ran out of gas very soon after the bar started to blink, so there seems to be some variation between units.

With 3 bars showing and 75 miles to go and a tank average of 49.5, you should be able to make it. But why push your luck? A cautious person will fill up as soon as the last bar starts to blink. If your trip home goes through an area where gas stations are few and far between, I'd fill up before you start. Do you really need to prove something on your first tankful? Especially when you don't even know if it was over-filled, underfilled, or filled normally?
Daniel, I quite agree with you. Maybe it is a male-female difference: but I have done a lot of cross country driving over the years and I have learned the hard way to "fill-up" at the half-way point. Saves a lot of chest pains while looking furtively looking for a gas station in a barren wasteland....

By the way, I am not certain why a lot of folks want to get 400 miles out of each fill up. I fill up around 235 (1/2 way) and I get pretty consistent 50MPG. Of course, it pays to be "addicted" to the "consumption screen." When I ignore it, and drive "normally, my MPG drops a tad....

I love everyone's comments AND all of your wonderful tips and help! Happy Prius driving! :D
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