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I took my '02 in for a regular oil change, and mentioned the audio button was not working sometimes. They checked, and there's a Service bulletin on it. The service lead (I think he's customer service more than tech) said I was outside the mileage range, but if I bought the $7 part, they'd pop it in free.

Part came in last week, and I set up an appointment. The maintainance tech mentioned that the labor was misquoted, as this is about an hour job. I agreed to pay a fair price - I've misquoted myself before. After half an hour, I'm called to the work bay, and I'm told the dash is broken. They've already ordered a replacemant part, and there's no charge past the $7 part I've already paid for.

Dash? Broken? The insert (it's an '02) on the right side is broken around the air vent. Also, the audio button looks like it was snaped off from the front. Looking at the TSB I found online, it looks like the button removes from the back.

I know mistakes happen, and it's how they are dealt with that counts. I'm thinking the tech didn't look at the instructions on the TSB. Not much of a confidence builder, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.
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