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There is two batteries in your trunk. One battery that is like any other car battery for starting your car which is normally located of course under the hood of normal cars. (This is what is dead on your car)

On the Prius, this same battery is used to start the car and run anything that is 12volts, like radio, dome lights, headlamps, and CAR ALARMS.

This same 12 volt battery has a small discharge, which if you did a search on this site you can read on some techno stuff I cant really explain, other then the cars battery could drain if not used for say more then 2 weeks. Like if you went on vacation. Its best to take the battery cable off if its going to be unused. The battery discharges even when the vehicle is off for several small electronic items in the car. Again. Someone like Graham or Jeff could do better here on this. But just to give you the idea.

Now, the HYBRID battery is totally different. This battery is several batteries combined and it is sealed, also located in the trunk of your car. This battery pack is not what is at fault. And does not need to be replaced, unless you want to spend about $5 grand for a new one. This battery is what runs the Hybrid portion of the car, electric motor, and takes electrical charge from the brakes and electric motor. This battery runs at approx 276 or 278 volts. Thats more then what your clothes dryer runs at! This is the battery that is under warranty from Toyota for the 8 years 100k miles. Along with the rest of the Hybrid system.

I would say that with the normal discharge that the prius has on the 12 volt battery while the vehicle is off. YOUR CAR ALARM has greatly accelerated this rate. I would be willing to bet that your dealer will tell you the same. I would find out how much current your alarm system draws while in standby (armed). The Toyota comes with a very good security system in itself. The ignition key is a major portion of it. and this would be a good reason not to get a second alarm. Without this key your car wont start. Toyota also makes a glass breakage sensor. I would check into these as they have or are already on the Prius's. And have been tested to perform under normal circumstances.

I hope this helps, and I dont claim to be an expert on the Prius. Just what I read, and the help of these other wonderful folks that post on here. But I think I would take your alarm back and get a refund. Especially if Toyota proves that they also think your new alarm drained the 12 volt battery.
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