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Yeserday here in the Shenango Valley I drove my 2004 Tideland Pearl #7
in the Bhul Day Parade. I am the Financial Secretary for the North Sharon Vol.Fire Co. and drove behind the trucks. It was a 1.5 mi route mostly down grade. Average 4 mph I watched the Battery bars go from Purple to blue and only reach half full. There where about 3,k people on the route
coming in from all the cities. I posted 1 sign on the left & right of my Prius
' This Prius will be in the Car Cruise In at the Park' I did hear from people that stopped to see my Prius, that they saw me in the Parade and I asked if they heard the car or smelled any fumes, NOPE. That was a thing to smile about. Several people on the parade route I heard say' that's a hybrid' and some young adults say 'Great, right on, a hybrid' .
At the cruise in over 80 people of the 200 who came by,stopped and asked me many guestions. This was the 3rd Car Cruise-In for Me and My Prius. We where also in 3 Car Shows in the Valley since June 2004.
I have prictures from each one hanging in my office. If anyone is has question, ask me, I'll be glad to pass on my experiences in the Car Shows & Cruise-Ins. They are a great way to make people aware of the Prius,and people don't have to wait for the Government or 3 USA car companies excuses of IT cannot be done has been done. Well we have proof it has been done 7 years ago. We only have 10 Prii here in Mercer County,Western Pa. I am Proud and happy to be the 1st one to Drive a Prius in 2000 and 2004. :D 8) 8)
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