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soybomb said:
better check your figures msrp is 20510. according to the toyota website. it went up as soon as motortrend named it car o' the year, or at least it seemed that way. btw will there be any prius gear in your next catalog ?
US MSRP prior to March 10 was $19995, + $515 for the DPH (Delivery, Processing, and Handling) fee for most of the US = $20510.
Note the link next to the $20510 price on , which points you to the explanation of the MSRP here: DPH is higher in the southeast states.

For orders placed after March 10, the base MSRP has gone up to $20,295 + DPH.

If your order was in Toyota's system prior to March 10 (if you got a keychain you're in the system), Toyota will be sending you some more mail... After you take delivery at the new MSRP, Toyota will send you a $300 cash-back check to cover the MSRP change. For orders placed after March 10, sorry, you get the new MSRP.
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