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MPG for thr first 5,10 min sucks

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How good is the MPG for the first 5, 10min. I get only 25,35 MPG, so even if I travel for the rest of the twenty min at high MPG like 50 the first 10 min pull the average down.
Looks like If I make frequent 10 min trips I am not going to get any better than 33 MPG. but I assume for such shot trips my camary would also suck bigtime.

Any comments?
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That's pretty much correct, unless you make those short, less than 10 minute trips close together. It's also true that many short, cold trips is bad for any car. Be sure to change your oil frequently. The Prius engine can take this abuse better than most, but it is still abuse, and it does drop mileage quite a bit (a bigger percentage drop than in other cars).
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