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Hello everyone,

I haven't had much luck with my posting on the PriusChat forums, so I figured I'd try it here as well...

I'm a proud owner of a new '06 Prius HI package (with JBL audio, VSC, etc). Loving the Prius so far. Only have 300 miles on it, but with my regular commute I already managed to get up to 44 MPG (average), and that's considering my commute is about 30 miles one-way, mostly highway and temps are around 20-30 degrees here in NH.

Anyway, I had an Omnifi DMP1 MP3 player (harddrive player with WiFi sync) installed in my previous vehicle. Now when I say installed, I mean velcro tape and ziptie installed. I don't like to make modifications to a car I know I will need to sell at some point, nor do I like voiding warranty etc. My previous car had a continuous 12V and a switched 12V outlet right next to eachother, so the power hookup was simple. The prius, however, does not have that, so I need to get the continuous power from somewhere..

From what I read so far, it would make most sense to pick it up with wire taps on the cables leading to/from the fuse box near the parking brake (drivers side). Looking at the 12V outlet mod on coastal it looks like they're pulling constant 12V from a green wire coming from that fuse box. I'm a little weary of just putting a tap on that since the pictures on Coastal don't exactly match the wire colors coming from that plug on my '06 Prius.... So my questions to all you folks:

- What wires can I tap near that fuse box to get: +12V continuous, +12V switched, Ground, and possibly the headlight +12V indicator (so the display can dim automatically)? What gauges are those wires (what kind of taps do I need to pick up)? Just looking at the green wire, it looks like 18 or 20 gauge. Can anyone confirm this? The omnifi pulls a max of 2A from the continuous 12V (its fused at 2A itself). The ACC 12V is not used as a power source, just an indicator, as is the headlight switched 12V.
- Is there a better spot to do this? The little module that comes with the Omnifi to do the wiring needs to be near all the power connections, and also near the AUX in, so the drivers or passengers dash area seems logical.
- I'm not comfortable yanking the dash off (even with all the information posted on here, I'm afraid I'll void some kind of warranty and get screwed in the end.. This car IS expensive! ).. If there is no way to do this without yanking the dash, what is your experience with 3rd party audio installers?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

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