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More options? - you already have a touch-screen!

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I was wondering, why re-programming new keys and remotes is sitll done with a silly open/close of doors and pressing pedals... when you have a very usefull touch-screen display ... they could simply add an option ...

Also, here's more. We all know that it depends on how you drive to get a good MPG. Well .. why not an option in the same multi-display touch-screen ... "I want to have .. 50 MPG" .. and that's it. The car's computer is taking care of the rest. He is already, this just adds an option for the user to control this. If an exact number is not possible .. you could have "profiles" .. like "Optimize for better mileage" or ... whatever :)

Or .. you could have something like:
25% (customisable) of the gas pedal means maintain speed
25-60% means accelerate
60-90% means accelerate faster
90-100% means IGNORE MPG request and accelearate as fast as possible (emergency..)

One could have even more from that computer. For example:
- Auto close on windows after 45 mph :) (customizable of course!)
- Presets for mirrors, car seat and etc, just cllick the profile in the touch screen.
- Detailed info for ALL the sensors in the car in ENGLISH.
- Even more customisations ...

Common, let's make a list, tell me yours !
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I'd like a "memorize this route" button which stored information
as you drive about typical speed and terrain. After memorizing
it a two or three times, you could then push a "I'm on this route"
button to take best advantage of the battery capacity. I'd need
at least two routes (to/from work), more would be better.

Then there's the smart cruise control some high end cars have
which uses a forward looking radar to drive at the set speed or
the speed of the car close in front of you, whichever is lower.

And as long as we're building a wish list, there's the ultimate:
a "home, James" button which gets you home safely and
reliably while you otherwise occupy yourself with non-driving
activities or sleeping.

Anyway, the real question is how to get a wish list to Toyota
engineers. Also, none of these are strictly hybrid vehicle
enabled, so they could be put on any car (if they become
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