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I just got called a few minutes ago... they suddenly changed the "Earth Day" plans.

Rather than just me showing off my Prius and doing a presentation for some of the "School of Environmental Studies" students during the day, they want me to invite my hybrid owning friends to a gathering at their after school event so they can show off their cars.

See that red star at "Schulze Lake" in EAGAN (on Cliff Rd, just a few miles east of 35E), that's where it will be from 5pm to 8pm tonight.

It is a brand new facility (in a very picturesque park) where they will be having several other earth-related booth, plus some type of concert (3 youth bands).

If you can make it at this extremely short notice, it would be great to see you there. Any time will do. You can show up when you want and leave whenever you feel the need.
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