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arizona charlie said:
I collect model cars. I have not found a source for a Prus model. Does anyone know of a source for a miniature Prius model? If so, please post the name,address, web address or phone.

Thanks in advance

Arizona Charlie
Depends - what type of Prius are you looking for?

there's a pull-back "penny-racer" available, the Choro Q #40, I've seen purple, light blue, white, and "driver's training" colors. I think one of the color changes is #19 instead of #40.

The classic Prius is available in various colors (7 at last count, including the police car version, but usually it's a purple/blue color), Tomy/Tomica #86. I think 1/58 scale.
The 2004 Prius is available also from Tomy/Tomica, #106. (I've seen blue and silver, there may be more) I think 1/60 scale.

M-Tech made some slightly larger models of the classic Prius (in size compared to the Tomy/Tomica models), but I don't know the model #. 1/43 scale.

Pretty much, you have to find a toy importer, as these are only available in Japan or maybe Hong Kong. try a google search for the model numbers listed above, or check out eBay.

apparently, dealers in Japan have little 1/30 scale model Prius in showrooms (not sure if they give them out to customers), which have the actual paint as is found on the ordered cars... Unfortuantely, my link for the picture no longer works. 8(
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