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But then again... It has only 2 miles on it :D
I got my new prius last night, drove it to work this morning... Things are looking good so far. no complaints yet. I got it from Capitol Toyota in San Jose, was quoted a 4 month wait, but got it in 5. BL package, paid 27k total, which was msrp plus title, lic, tax, etc.

My only wish was that I could get the indash 6 cd changer... anyone know where I can upgrade the stereo?

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I take it that you have the basic sound system with the 1-disc in-dash slot & 6 speakers.

While there are a few people who have upgraded on their own (with some audio installer's help) their speakers and added channels...

I think what you want to do is to add the 6-disc CD changer. You'll loose the little storage slot in the dash, but you'll end up with a total of 7 discs stored in-dash.

You're looking for part numbers:
08601-47800 6-Disc In-Dash Changer
08695-00370 Wire Harness *1
08695-47800 Installation Kit *1
*1 Required to complete installation

This was called PPO/PIO P6, but your dealer should be able to install it (or you could do it yourself if you're daring enough). call around for pricing, though, and look for online coupons...
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