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SLowen said:
My Tideland Pearl got new sneakers today.

Just had my Goodyear Integrity tires replaced with Michelin Hydroedge.

So far the car seems to handle much better, especially on the highway.
At high speed the original tires seemed to make the car hard to keep in my lane (perhaps this is perception only :?)). The Hydroedge do not seem to do this. On this point even my technically oblivious wife noticed an improvement.
Others have complained about noise, so far they do not seem any louder to me than the Integrity, but perhaps the noise is different. I was definitely paying attention to the before and after. If they are louder, they are only slightly louder than the Integrity. Will report next fill up to see if they have any impact on gas mileage. Also, many Michelin tires have a break in period, so the sound could change over the next few hundred miles.
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