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My wife is away and arrives home tomorrow. She will have a beautiful 06' Prius for X-mas this year!!

We were waiting for XB Scion for 2 months. I called our dealer 2 weeks ago and he 'thought' the XB was in Oregon and 'could' be here in January ... maybe LOL. this is after a promiss 6-8 weeks for delivery. So 2 days ago, I was flip with him saying it's worse than getting a Prius. And he said matter of fact I could sell you either 2 prius's on our lot. So after 10 mins I called back and said okay.

I told my wife we will be waiting for scion for awhile and to be patient over the phone so this will be a great christmas and surprise at the airport on x-mas eve.

I picked the 06' P last night and drove 200 mile home getting 50 mpg and very pleasant drive. I know of the credit forfit, but this is life and xmas.

Cheers to all and merry pri-mus:)

Charlie C
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