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I know a lot of people swear by the cruise control, but I disagree.

If I establish my accelerator pedal position to maintain a given speed, but in stead of using the CC, I just keep my foot at that position, I have noticed that I almost always get consistently good gas mileage (which I have personally defined as anything better than 50 MPG on my "instant" display) whether I am driving flat or climbing or descending.

Yes, by doing this, I slow down when I hit a headwind. I slow down when I go uphill. And I speed up going down a hill, or when I hit a tailwind.

Obviously, my road-speed is not consistent with this method, but my gas mileage is better. Just remember that you have to be careful, because slowing down on an uphill climb can be hazardous if the driver behind you isn't paying attention.

As I posted in another thread, I also try to avoid having to "accelerate" a lot. To do this, I try to take less-busy roads and/or roads with fewer traffic lights, and I try to drive at off-times, if possible.
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