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Hybrid Car Events and Group Drive Saturday June 26th
Prairie du Sac/Sauk City and Merrimac, Wisconsin
Start time: 1:30 p.m.

Main Event
Drive Ride Eat

Visit the quaint town of Prairie du Sac for a group drive, including a ride across the Wisconsin River on the Merrimac Ferry. Continue the drive with a return trip to Sauk City, and end the afternoon with some delicious Culvers Frozen Custard.

This event is open to all people who have an interest in hybrid cars;
Owners, Non-Owners, and Owners-in-Waiting.

There will be plenty of time for lively conversation and spirited discussion.

Come ready to share your experiences; as well learn something from others.

We will meet along the Wisconsin River at Graff Park in Prairie du Sac. After some discussion time, we will begin the drive to Merrimac.

Feel free to come to the Sauk City/Prairie du Sac area early, or stay late. Sauk City is hosting plenty of activities that day in honor of the villages 150th Anniversary. Theres even a parade at noon.

Speaking of Parade

Optional Event
Your Hybrid Vehicle in the Sauk City Parade!

Sauk City is having a parade with floats and more, and Auto Group has reserved several slots for hybrid car owners. There are a limited number of parade slots available for our group, so reply early if you are interested in doing this.

Parade Theme: Sauk City Historical Timeline. Parade participants will be representing different era's of Sauk City's history, right up until Present Day.

Our hybrid vehicles are there to represent Present Day (as well as the Future).

For this optional event you would need to arrive at my home no later than 11:15 that morning so we can get to the parade staging area in time.

* * * * * *

To attend any of the hybrid car events please RSVP by Wednesday June 23rd.

Please include
- The number of people attending
- The Color, Year and Model of your car. (i.e. Red 2002 Insight)

Also, please indicate whether you are interested in participating in:
- Only the Main Event, (Drive Ride Eat),
- Only the Parade or
- Both events.

The only cost involved is the cost of your late afternoon food at Culvers in Sauk City. The ferry ride in Merrimac is free.

Directions (from West side of Madison/Middleton, WI)
Take Hwy 12 to the north until you reach Sauk City. (~16 miles from edge of Middleton.)
As you reach Sauk City there will be a bridge that crosses the Wisconsin River.
Take a right at the stoplights at the end of the bridge. You will now be on Water Street.
Follow Water Street 1.3 miles until you reach Graff Park on your right.
Park your car on Water Street near the Graff Parks sign and benches.

NOTE: Graff Park is very small. It is a thin strip of land that runs parallel with the Wisconsin River. Its really more of a stopping point where you can view the river than it is a true park.

If there is severe rain, this event will be cancelled and I will email all participants.

Please email me if you have additional questions.

We hope you can attend and look forward to seeing you there!

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Although the Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid are going to be represented at this event, we have not heard from any Prius owners yet.

Are you interested? Let me know. email or PM is fine.

Especially interested in a Prius for the parade.
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