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I just received a mailing from Toyota stating that my 2004 is due for the
SSC 40D upgrade. (Well, really my husband. For some reason, Toyota seems to think that his first name of Theo is short for Theodore, when it
isn't...) anyways, here's a text copy of the mailing:

White 6"x9" envelope (printed on 50% recycled paper/10% post consumer waste), with window for name/address and a bar code. Big red letters in a red box on front stating:
"LSC 40E -- Early 2004 Toyota Prius Engine Compartment Seal"
Return address is:
Red Toyota logo
[Black text]
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
No General Correspondence
P.O. Box 710367
San Diego, CA 92171-0367

The card with your address on it:
Above your address/bar code, there's a little yellow sticker (LSC, Date,
Dealer Code No., PN: 00410-01917) with big bold print saying "DO NOT
Attached is a card to notify Toyota, with little fill-in boxes:
1. Same owner, name and/or address changed
2. Same owner, additional driver
3. New owner
4. no longer have vehicle - sold to individual listed below
5. Exported
6. Destroyed/stolen

The Letter. One side is in English, the other in Spanish. also printed
on recycled paper, same content as envelope. here is the English version:


Dear Toyota Owner::

Thank you very much for your patronage of Toyota. We are dedicated to
providing vehicles of outstanding quality and value. As part of our
continuing efforts to provide superior customer satisfaction, Toyota is
announcing a Limited Service Campaign Program, which includes your vehicle.

* What is the potential problem?
On certain early production 2004 Model Year Prius vehicles, rain or
carwash water may seep into the engine compartment area at the top of the hood near the cowl. If this should occur, the water may drip down onto engine components and cause a decrease in engine performance. This will trigger the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) to illuminate on the dash, and the engine ECM to store a trouble code and place the vehicle into a "limp-home" mode.

* What is included in this Limited Service Campaign?
Toyota will install a waterproof seal onto the underside of the engine
hood at NO COST to you for a limited time. This program will be offered
until JULY 31, 2007, and will only be available at your authorized Toyota

All terms of your Toyota Basic Warranty will remain intact regardless of
whether or not you take advantage of this Limited Service Campaign.
Additional details on your vehicle's Toyota Basic Warranty coverage can be found in your Owner's Warranty Information booklet.

* How do you take advantage of this Limited Service Campaign?
Contact any Toyota dealer and make an appointment to install the
waterproof seal to the underside of the engine hood before JULY 31, 2007.

The actual repair will take approximately thirty minutes. However,
depending upon the dealer's work schedule, it may be necessary to make
your vehicle available for a period of time.

Please present this notice to the dealer at the time of your service

If you no longer own the vehicle, please indicate so on the enclosed
postage-paid form, providing us with the name and address of the new

* What if you have other questions?
Your local Toyota dealer would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and set up an appointment to perform the installation. If you require further assistance, you may contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-888-270-9371 Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 9:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am through 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Please take advantage of this offer at your earliest convience.

We have sent this notice in the interest of your continued satisfaction
with our products, and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this
condition may have caused you.

Thank you for driving the a Toyota.


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What is "limp-home" mode? That sounds like it could cause a traffic hazzard if it imposes a speed limit, or leave people stranded if there is a distance limit.

I suppose I'll be getting one of these, as my car was built in December. But I didn't get the SSC 40D notice until several weeks after it was being reported on the discussion groups.
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