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Looking to buy 2015 Toyota Prius need your advice!!!

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Hey Toyota Prius team! Hope you all are doing well, thanks for having me here, straight to the topic, I'm interested in owning a 2015 Toyota Prius, This car has a SALVAGE TITLE! here in my location, before ending the deal, I really want to make sure that I'm getting a good reliable car for what I pay, I want to know that what I should be looking for when purchasing this Prius, anything to take into consideration, what to look for or any suggestion you guys have, please share it with me,
They are asking for the price of $8000 and it has 81000 Miles with a Salvage Title. Is it worth it or not?
If you guys have any suggestions on what to look at.
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What was the reason for the salvage title - specifically? Probably totaled, sold at auction, and rebuilt. It looks great, with low miles - but it's important to know exactly what was damaged and who fixed it. Was water/flooding involved?

2015 is a great year. $8000 may or may not be a good deal depending on history.
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