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Portland Toyota Dealer

Call Jerry Rouselle in Fleet/Internet Sales at Broadway Toyota. Good guy. No nonsense. They sell at MSRP with no mark-up, but ONLY if you go through fleet sales. Avoid their retail sales guys... everytime I walk through their lot or show room, about 5 of the retail sales guys try and leech onto me. Some people may like that attention, but not my style. Just say thanks but no-thanks and tell them you are working with fleet sales. If you order through fleet sales, you will have a short wait, but they don't charge a high deposit like some dealers. The "retail" guys may have new Prius on the lot with no wait... but you will pay at least $1000 premium and deal with all the typical car dealership BS when "negotiating".

I bought my 2002 Prius through another local dealer (Tonkin) and had a bad experience. I pick up my 2006 from Broadway shortly after the first of the year :D

Broadway Toyota has a good service department too. They don't have the glitzy waiting room, but always have been fair with pricing and work gets done when and how they say it will be done.

PS: If you decide you want a good condition used 2002 with 38K miles and nav system, PM me :)
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