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Since you have not gotten any local replies as yet I'll put my foot in the door. First off, being in Portland I would suggest making some call's to all the Toyota dealers in your area and see if you can find one selling for MSRP. So far in the past 18 months I have seen none mentioned here. That being said I would say that there are no reputable dealers there that I would feel safe bringing my car back to for service. Second, if you do find one ask if anyone at the dealership owns a Prius. Most salesmen, it has been indicated have a hard time even getting a Prius started.
I'm sure you will get some replies from some owners closer to home. Ask them what they paid for their cars.
Once you get your car, ask here before you even think of bringing it to a dealer for any kind of service, and for peace of mind, "DO" shop for an extended warranty plan.
I really like my 04 but it does have it's faults.
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