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I would like to know why the 2004 Prius Owner's Manual indicates that the vehicle requires a start-up and re-charge after a maximum of 14 days of non-use of the vehicle.

It would seem that if the "POWER" button is swithed OFF and the "SMART" entry system is deactivated (if the vehicle is so equipped), and assuming that the vehicle is in my garage, in an unlocked condition, so the alarm system would not be activated either.

As such, it would appear to me that there would be almost no drain on either the Hybrid Battery or the Auxilliary battery, other than to power the digital clock in the car.

Under the above-mentioned conditions, does anyone know if the vehicle could be left for longer than the 14-day period without needing a start-up and recharge?

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what is being powered depends on which Prius you're asking about...

since you mention the SE&SS system being turned off (good start if leaving your car undriven for a long time), then I assume you're asking about the 2004.

Well, there's the clock, alarm system if so installed, the engine coolant thermos & pump, the headlights if you left them in the auto-off position, and then there's the natural discharge of the 12v battery. The battery is still on the small side on the 2004, so it can run out quicker than in a traditional car.
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