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I have Lojack on my current cars, and plan to add it to my Prius if and when it arrives. I was quoted $500 for adding the Lojack to the new car, so it is a little less. If the car was stolen -- very unlikely with everything the Prius has to combat theft, I would like to recover it. Or, do my part to catch the dirtbag(s) who stole it.
If it is totaled in the commission of the theft, and gets a salvage title, I won't get it back, I would get the money; so I am not really sure what Hurdel is talking about. If it isn't totaled, then I get the car back. If it is missing or has damaged parts, then the insurance covers it, so I don't get "half a car"

I also get the bennie of slightly lower insurance.

I also like the idea of increased chance of capture, that has value to me.

But again, very unlikely that the car will be stolen. With all the technology in the 'key' and the starting system, it will be harder. And the alarm. Also, since most cars are stolen for parts rather than the car, and a limited number of Priuses (sp?) on the road needing collision repair -- most of the Prius owners carry insurance and are not looking for cheap parts, the lack of parts compatability with other cars, and you will have a very very low theft rate for a very long time. But since I plan to keep it for a while, I will get the Lojack -- just in case.

Also, if the rare thing happens, and your car is stolen, what about the contents at the time? Yeah you can put in a claim, but sometimes you want what is in there, not the $$ for it. Your laptop? favorite leather jacket? vacation luggage? iPod? if through Lojack your car is recovered early, you get your crap back. And if it isn't, depending on what plan you get, Lojack reimburses you for the insurance deductable you have to pay.

And just because you live in a good area, doesn't make you immune. If you were going to steal a car, where would you go? Where the crappy cars are? And besides, do you ever drive to a 'bad' area, or park in not so nice area when you go out on the weekends? Or ever go to a mall (lots of car thefts at malls).

So it is $500, if I never need it (and I likely will not), I will be glad I have it. If the car doesn't come back, they pay my deductable, so I actually break even on the deal as my deductable is $500. If I don't need it, I wasted $500, over the 8 or so years I typically keep a car; that is a whooping $62.5 a year (minus insurance savings). I think I can cover that.

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