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Logging in repeatedly

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Graham et al, I have a clue about what might cause the machine not to remember us.

It looks like the software is trying to throw cookies for -- not for I have my browser set to reject such third-party cookies as a security measure, but it means that I have to log in every time.

Maybe that can be fixed?
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I'll look into it... The cookie it is sending out is for, which is my business site & the sponsor of
Well that was an easy fix. When I first installed the new forum it was used in a virtural directory off of because the domain wasn't pointing to the temp server at that time. It stored the setting in the database so was sending out cookies based on that. It's going to take a while fo me to figure out all of the new features of this forum. I think I now added the option of having a picture(avatar) that will be displayed on the left side where your name is when you post.

Let me know if you are still experiencing any problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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