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Dear Friends,

May I ask that when you sign off or your "canned" signature that you please list your city/state?

I have learned so much information in just a couple months and feel a part of the family (golly gee, thanks!) but do not know from where people hail.

When I read of cirumstances which impact your car or your life it is significant to probably more than me to know where you are.

Where was your accident Ryan?

Where was yours Jeff?

Many times we allude to being in the humid SE, the western mountains, the "special driving terrain" of New England but in as much as we are so precise about the mm of tread on our tires... let's mention (in our signoffs) where we are.

Hmmm and some folks forget to sign off at all leaving us guessing from your e-mail name or maybe that's your intent. :)

So ANYWAY, if you don't mind, please share.

dan in orlando (that would be Florida. :p )

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