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I've had my Prius less than one week........

I see a lot of postings listing lifetime average mpg. Are you keeping track yourself? Or is there a way to get that information from the display?

(I've been resetting to get an idea of mpg on the hwy, to/from work, around town on errands.)

Granted I haven't read my manual yet - Had a medical procedure today - The IV drugs they gave me have me kinda messed up - want to wait until I'm thinking clearly so I can "highlight" important information and tab important pages.

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Unlike the Honda hybrids which does keep a lifetime fuel economy
readout, the Prius does not have such an indicator. You have to
manually record all of your gas fillups somewhere, add up the amount of
gasoline that you have put into your car over it's lifetime, and use
that to calculate the lifetime fuel economy through the odometer
reading on that last fillup. Essentially, it is a written record, and
not something that the Prius will calculate for you.

(If you had a Classic Prius, you could just never reset the Consumption
Screen odometer and then you'd have a lifetime fuel economy number. On
the 2004+ Prius, the Consumption Screen odometer has the
undocumented "bug" of always resetting at each fillup (unless you put
in less than 3 gallons at each fillup, or occasionally if you forget
(!!!) to turn your car off when refilling (a safety hazard with any

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2002 Classic in which I have kept record from the beginning.
Actual Miles 70825
Actual MPG 48.4
Displayed MPG 51.1
A most plesant car.


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2005 #6 with about 6,000 mi.
Lifetime mpg (so far) is 51 (calculated)
The average indicated on the mfd is a hair over 50.
Current tank is running about 54 mpg.

This is a mix of interstate, rural roads and a little city driving.

Good car
No problems on the interstate
Good acceleration
Good cornering
Joy to drive

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2004 #7 Lifetime MPG 51.5 at 31,200 miles


I have a 2004 Silver pkg 7. Every time I fill up I write down the odometer reading on my gas receipt. I also record the miles driven on the tank from the MFD and the MFD guesstimate of my MPG for the tank. At home I enter the data into an Excel spreadsheet to compute my tank MPG and lifetime MPG. OK, I admit I spend way too much time on my car.

I drive about 80 miles per day, more than half highway but lots of streets.

As of the other day, 31,200 miles driven, 605.1 gallons of gas fed into the car, lifetime MPG 51.5. Most recent tank 55.6. Occasionally my tank MPG will hit the low 60s if I drive very carefully, as I always do.

Maybe I am weird, but my Prius gets better mileage on the highway -- contrary to the official ratings. From what I can tell, starting up after stopping at a red light burns lots of gas. Constant cruising in the low 60s sips gas and I can keep the MFD at 99.9 with some effort.

I love this car!

Maurice Frank
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