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I got caught by my impatience this morning. I noticed a couple times in the last week with cold weather (teens) that Pikachu (2001 with 73K miles) was taking a few seconds (3-5) to stabilize the READY light. This morning, out of habit, I popped it into reverse without checking that READY was steady. So I got the infamous check engine + triangle "!" + video screen takeover by warning screen. Tried off/restart 3 times but kept getting the warnings.

It's annoying not being able to use the screen to tune the radio. Anyway, after 10 minutes to let it warm up, I pulled over and turned it off and restarted. No more warnings and I could use the video screen again.

I think there's been mention here that later versions of the hybrid ECU don't panic as quickly over a sluggish start during cold weather. I'll mention it at the upcoming 75K mile service, but probably all the codes are already gone.
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