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MarkWilliams said:

Glad I found this forum. We have had an order in for a Prius since mid March of this year at Redlands Toyota in California. We've crept up on the list over the months, and we were just called to inform us that our car in "on the boat" and should be here by Christmas. This makes a wait of nine months, and it won't be a 2004 but a 2005 with the price increase. It also won't be the package we ordered (since the package we ordered is no longer available). Is this length of wait fairly typical? Also, does anyone know if we would qualify for the tax deduction if we sign the papers before 12/31, or do we lose out because it is a 2005 year model, not a 2004?

Thanks for your thoughts and information.

The US Federal tax deduction is $2000 for tax years 2004 and 2005. (Recently brought up to those figures, thanks to the "Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004." The deduction is based on you purchasing (not leasing) a NEW hybrid in a tax year, model year does not matter.,, ... 46,00.html,, ... 49,00.html

As for your local state/province/county/city incentives, I don't know what phaseout they have. I've only been paying attention to MA (where I am), and the ability to take the federal Clean Fueled Vehicle deduction and carry it over to the MA income tax forms is only available for purchases through Dec. 31, 2004 (ends with the 2004 tax year), so if you're in MA best to get your car by the end of the year if you want the state deduction...
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