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The Dealer in Brampton told me that the 2005 Canadian Prius will have the NAV option. It will be a "C" package which is the "B" package plus the NAV. He had no price on it last week, but should have shortly. Personally I would have loved a Nav package for my 2004. I ended up buying a Garmin StreetPilot 2610 which comes with maps for all of CONUS, all of Canada, Alaska and Hawii. A separate NAV system will never be as neat as an integrated system, but it does have some advantages. It is portable so can be moved to other cars in seconds and can also be thrown in a suitcase and taken with you when you rent cars in other cities. Also, they tend to have updates to the maps more frequently, and I believe the updates are in the order of $150 US, which is less than what I hear Toyota charges. Mine is extremely accurate, colour screen, has millions of POIs, recalculates when off-route etc. I'm sure the standalone unit will save you hundreds of dollars compared to a Toyota installed version. I believe I read somewhere that the Toyota NAV option came with a $1900 US price tag.
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