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I personally wanted to come on here and say what a wonderful time I had with any/all of you that attended the event at the Car Lab in Orange. Those I have traded posts with, what a wonderful oppurtunity to finally meet you. Those I have never met before that are possibly JUST NOW seeing this board from my mentioning... WELCOME!! (this is the guy with the Egyptian wrist tattoo and the black prius with the chrome rims and really dark tint) :wink:

What wonderful, energetic and truly lovely people we had come from the Sierra Club as well... Should Brendan, Ilana and/or Mohammad se this posting... I wish you all a safe trip back (to Wash DC, Israel and Jordan... respec.) and thank you for the oppurtunity to meet you. You were SO ecstatic with seeing Prius owners under the age of 35 (myself at 22 and Brian at 16) and I can guarantee you that I think it's so wonderful that people under the age of 50 are doing a tour that's getting people to WAKE UP and realize that even if the "day after tomorrow" CAN'T happen TOMORROW, it COULD happen if we don't change our ways.

You energy, charisma and message will not go unheeded.

Again, safe journeys to those from the Sierra Club as they wrap up their tour, safe driving to all you with or waiting for Prii, and I look forward to the next meet!
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