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I ordered a Driftwood Pearl '04 with the BC package on October 18, and got it last night. Although the dealer told me I'd be waiting 3 months at least, one month later I already have it. That's particularly nice since I understand the tax deduction goes from $2000 down to $1500 if it's not in service by the end of the year. I paid MSRP for it, and so far it looks like a good value. I have enough of it figured out to be enjoying it, but I have to read up on the Navigation system to figure out how to use that right. So far (about 50 miles), I'm getting about 42 MPG average. I expect that will go up as it breaks in.


1. HID headlights work great.
2. Stereo sounds great (haven't tried CD yet)
3. Adequate power (better than I expected)
4. Like the position of the speedometer.
5. Like the Smart Entry thing. I need to change it to open all the doors, haven't done that yet.

1. The side mirrors and windshield pillar block the view for some angles when trying to pull out.
2. The big bar across the back window also impairs the view to the rear.
3. I wish there was a tachometer. I'd like to know when the engine is running, I am assuming I can tell it's off from the "Energy" screen when there's no arrow coming from it. You can't really hear it come on.
4. It is one weird looking car. My brothers referred to it as a "BUV" (butt-ugly vehicle).

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