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Is the 2014 Prius C an SULEV or PZEV?

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Hello. I'm trying to find out about certification of the 2014 Prius C, as the title indicates. Getting a lot of conflicting information, but the warranty booklet pdf obtainable by model and year from is the same as that for the standard Prius, which is an SULEV. I'm trying to find out because if it is, and the EPA's website seems to indicate that it is, our warranty should be extended to 150k or 10 yrs, but our dealerships feel differently, though neither they nor the Toyota Customer Satisfaction line can explain why not. They can't even tell me WHO within the corporation DOES know why not. A bit flummoxed. Thank you for your help!
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I guess the question is: Does HEV SULEV II count as an SULEV in California, meriting coverage under the CARB warranty program? I can't see why it wouldn't.
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