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Re: thanks and further info on tire pressure

JoLaine2 said:
Thanks everyone - You've been much more helpful than anyone at my Toyota dealer or the Toyota 800 #! I'm going to recommend they check out this site to keep up to date. My only question is about the tire inflation. I've heard Tom and Ray Magliazzi caution against running higher tire pressure due to safety issues. Would the 40-42 pressure recommended on this list be a safety issue?
I've found that most Toyota personnel are clueless about the Prius. With a little digging you can probably find someone at a dealership in your area who's excited about the Prius and its technology. If you do, bake them a cake and make sure they're the one who works on your car.

As for your tire inflation question, there's been a lot of discussion here on that topic and you would do well to snoop around a bit more. Here's a link to an older string that I found interesting:

If that link doesn't work, go back to late December of '03 in the "General" category and you'll find it.

Also, I would love to hear what Tom and Ray have to say about the Prius and they'd surely have great fun with your name! Why not give them a call this weekend and then report back here?
Drive happy,
Moo :)
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