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Indecisive ICE

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You know the shudder...
Sometimes at a stop as the ICE shuts down, it is as if it starts to shut off, starts to come back, then shuts off...dragging the shudder out over several seconds. This seems to happen if I am creeping verrrrry slowly at a stoplight, trying to avoid a complete stop. Anyone else get this? It reminds me of starting an outboard motor with a pull chord, and it almost, but doesn't quite, catch.
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I get this if I'm stopped on an uphill and I don't step firmly on the brake.
It happens with my 04 every once in a while. I don't let it bother me. If something dies .... hey, that's what a warranty is for.
I am believing that the shudder, for the most part, is the ICE clearing the intake manifold, charcoal absorber in the aircleaner container, and the evaporative emissions lines, of excess fuel vapors by providing spark, but no or very little fuel. The intake can get filled with quite a bit of vapor due to the atkinson/miller cycle, which pushes fuel enriched air back out of the intake valve during the early part of the compression stroke.
Backing out of the garage does the shudder.

When backing out of the garage and no braking just slow acceleration the ICE stays off. If I use the brakes even a little the ICE starts & then stops. The total trip is 25 feet but can have different reactions.
I belive that is coincidental. Ice starts about 7 seconds after going into READY, unless battery level is really low, then it seems to go on sooner, especially if the ICE already is hot.
That's what I've found--every morning, car in Ready position, as I'm about to reverse out of my driveway.
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