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I just bought a used 2007 Prius.

Its MFD (touch screen) is miscalibrated such that I need to touch 1 or 2 centimeters above what I actually want to press. For on-screen menu options shown near the top of the screen, this is obviously impossible. So I desperately need to calibrate the system.

Please watch this short video of me attempting to get to the Calibration screen of my 2007 Prius.

I've tried the steps published at 2007 Prius - Easter Egg, but it didn't seem to work for me; I can get into System Check Mode but can never reach the Product Diagnosis Menu or the Calibration page.

If you have a suggestion, I'd LOVE to hear it! And I'll send $20 (digitally) to the first person whose advice gets this MFD working for me.

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