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Albuquerque got a nice dose of winter earlier this week. The roads quickly iced up and I got the oppurtunity to use the traction control and the VSC. The traction control monitors the acceleration very well , ensuring smooth start ups. The stability control is probably the most interesting and impressive feature though. I was driving up-hill and came around a corner to see an S-10 sideways in the road spinning his rear wheels. I pulled the car to the left and started to brake, but the Prius continued straight for a split second, but then the slip indicator light illuminated and the and car pulled to the left. It felt as only if the left wheels were braked because the car actually leaned over to the left. A long story short, the ABS, VSC, Traction control worked seemlessly on icy roads. I am impressed as always with the Prius...I love this car! :D
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