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I ordered my vanity license plate

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"HA HA SUV". Can't wait to see what looks I get... :shock:
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Both of these are funny. I've thought about getting something similar but worry that it would add to the perception of Prius owners as a bunch of self-satisfied jerks.
Drive happy,
Moo :)
I like those license plates, too, but please remember, as all knowledgable skippers know, "The Tonnage Rule is always in effect." :)
windsurfdog said:
"The Tonnage Rule is always in effect." :)
The tonnage rule. Is that "Sailboats have the right of way but oil tankers have more momentum."?
I was thinking of choosing HUMTHIS but then decided a Hummer would actually use my aerodynamic car as a launch ramp. Oh wait, won't happent b/c I don't have the car yet!
When I do get my car, I'll post the plate I have chosen! 8)
Tonnage Rule

The tonnage rule. Is that "Sailboats have the right of way but oil tankers have more momentum."?
You've got the idea, daniel, though there are times when a sailboat does not have right of way over a motor vessel. Basically, it's always safer to yield right of way to the larger vessel.......
JWSTERN: Hope I am wrong but seems to me that with that plate you are asking for owners of SUVs to key your new Prius Big Time!!! :roll:
Vanity plates/keying

I'm driving my MINI until my Prius comes in. My plate (same as my screen name) doesn't imply anything about my SUV/environmental stance, but I carry a stash of bumper stickers from that reads "live larger, drive smaller...not everyone needs an SUV". If a Hummer or some other monstrosity is parked near my MINI, I place one on the windshield using the wiper to hold it on. I don't use the adhesive side; or at least, haven't yet. My aim is not to piss off the owner of that vehicle, but to perhaps enlighten him/her, and hopefully, lighten up the ecological footprint we all leave behind.
We have a license plate holder bought from Cafe Press that says:

"Your SUV sucks" on top and..."My hybrid sips" on bottom.

As gas prices climb to a theoretical $3/gallon, we go to war [in part] for oil, and our president reduces tax benefits for cleaner vehicles, I'll be sticking it in the face of all those SUV owners any chance I get...key my Prius all you want, it doesn't cause that much drag!
yep, you can get those plate frames here, classic!:
Another approach

Instead of some SUV-baiting plate, I'd prefer what a friend has as a plate holder:

Got Aloha?
How 'bout:

Sipping on............
Drive a hybrid and
Join the fun!
I have a bumber sticker on my Corolla (still deciding on the hybrid) that says
"One less SUV"
I also have tickets to place on SUV windshield that look exactly like Boston parking tickets.
The can be purchased here
The tickets better than tagging (stickers) since they are vandalism free.
personal plate/stickers...

First time post and I'll try a pic too. Got my personal plate and made some bumper sitckers as well! Love my Prius!! Anyone know about a compass/mirror for the #7 package?
I just ordered mine today too. I went with:

No Plug, usually first question
Mine should be coming soon, too. "ZAPME".

Hope I don't get tazed!
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