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Hello all:

This is just a helpful reminder for the curious-minded among you that you can find some of the latest hybrid vehicle news by going to . I like to pay it a quick visit once or twice a month, just so I don't miss anything. Scroll down to the link that says "read about".

I just found a summary of a Chicago Tribune article on . I didn't want to sign up for the Tribune website just to read the article, but the summary on had some interesting information.

For your convenience, I've cut-and-pasted the summary here (I hope I don't get anybody in any trouble). The italics and underscores are my feeble attempts at indicating those passages I find truly interesting:

"We have lost the era of cheap oil prices and entered the new era of higher oil prices," said Phil Flynn, an energy analyst for Chicago-based Alaron Trading Corp.

But petroleum, and its companion energy form natural gas, affects much more than the expense of driving a car.

There are signs that consumers are already adapting to the idea of permanently higher oil prices. Auto industry observers say sales of sport-utility vehicles, which get poor gas mileage, have dropped recently.
One way of measuring a vehicle's desirability is the number of days it takes for it to sell.

According to the automotive data firm, in June large SUVs took an average of 79 days to sell. It took an average of six days to sell a Prius.
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