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I've remarked to a friend that next Prius, with which I plan
several cross continent trips and many 1-2 week trips,
has me relying on (aside from the electronics side) an engine that
is a quarter the size my first four 5.7L std. GM product, in first
four cars I ever owned. I'll probably get 4 times the safety, and definitely 4 times the mileage.

Of coarse enjoyment of driving comes partly from low fatigue-inducing
NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness), and slipstream design helps here,
but wondering what RPMs will be at say a constant 70 mph? This is a little engine but of coarse Power needed for those big stretches where no acceleration required, must be low. I'm just wondering if it sounds like it is being overworked for some 80 mph cruising, as in the other thread's
line of questioning? This purpose for the next Prius in my case is not a once in a while sprint (say to Florida), but a refreshing drive (say to Maine)
without thinking about tiredness caused by the drive. I realize this is subjective but I do now enjoy driving and comfort, quietness, I think, is being accomplished in mid-size vehicles with 105" min. wheelbase, and thus for my buying criteria, the current Prius is ruled out. (no offense).

Seat comfort is an issue and Toyota's new platform hopefully has
good ergonomic, stiffer design (in past they lie between N.A. manuf.'s softness and German hardness) and longer thigh support. Has anyone on this board done mods (modifications) for longer distance driving?

Any other advices out there for long distance driving pleasure. I remember my parents always stopped for a hot drink at 2:00 PM
and were finished driving by 3:30 PM latest--so there are a number of personal style hints/ideas to be tried.

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For a long trip, cruise control is a big plus.

Can't say what the RPMs will be like on
a long cruise. With the CVT, you can't
go by the sound of the RPMs to gauge speed.
If you're talking a long cruise in Kansas-flat, then
maybe you'll have a constant RPM sound in
a Prius. If you're going to Maine (I do
so every other month or so from MA), then
the RPMs will vary greatly - higher up
the smaller hills, to almost nothing (or
engine even off) going down some hills.

For listening enjoyment, you'll probably want
something other than the 1CD player, like a
6CD changer or Harry's MP3 player, or
get an iPod with a cassette adapter.
Playing with the radio or changing discs
can be difficult while driving.

For the current Prius, some people prefer
making some form of center arm rest.
Whether that's the Wright's custom armrest,
the Coastaletech armrest, or something
from JCWhitney or just a big pillow placed
there, that may help.

Some long-legged people have modified
the angle of the front seat to fit them
better by adding some washers to the
seat track.

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Thanks mrv.
For the flat driving, I'm looking at probably 3200 RPM's, I guess and
the new (Jpn. ) Spec. shows that would be about 45 HP. The torque has no change on the new Prius but H.P. is up a tad (6) and System up more
(12) at a much lower vehicle speed of 85 km/h. But I'm still going to be using moderate power. Maybe there is an old R&T that measured the dB's.

I agree the Audio system can make a big difference, as can your other suggestions.

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Prius cross-country trip

I drove from the SF, CA area to Maine via the southern US in my '02 Prius. It was a blast. I believe it was about 8,500 miles in about 3 weeks. My Prius averaged 45 MPG (I drive about 5 MPH over the speed limit.) The navigation system was a great help. If I were to buy one of the new '04 Prius I'd definitely take it for a l-o-n-g drive, after the initial break-in period, of course. ;-)

- Peter
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