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How to resecure the ¿wing? on the back hatch

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Greetings. I'm trying to fix my GF's 2013 Prius. I think it's a base model. It's not a C or V.

On the rear hatch, between the two panes of glass, is this sort of wing / fin / spoiler thing. On one side, it has come loose, and it rattles. The other side and most of the width is secure.

I can't figure out how to access any fasteners for this. I've managed to remove some trim pieces on the interior of the door, specifically one across the top, and then side pieces below that. Those came loose with just pulling and a little prying. But that's as far as I can get without feeling like I'm going to break something. In particular, I haven't figured out how to remove the next trim piece down, which runs across the door just below the main window, and is on the inside where this wing is on the outside, and might give me access to whatever fasteners hold the wing on.

I also can't figure out any way to loosen or remove the wing from the outside. On the loose end, I can pull it up and see what looks like a fastener that is broken or disconnected, but that's as far as I get. I cannot push that end of the wing all the way back down into place; it stands proud by maybe 4mm. Smacking it with my fist has no effect. It isn't particularly noticeable, but it is a clear indication that something's wrong in there.

Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. I'm actually toying with putting a little squirt of non-expanding adhesive foam in the gap to quiet it, and calling it a day. Save me from this heresy!
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The wing on the back hatch. The fact that the left side is loose isn't readily visible.

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Note the gap here.

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No gap on this side.
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Yes, thanks! I don't know why the little "look on youtube" light didn't come on over my head. I guess since I had been working on my motorcycle, and I'm completely used to using the manual for that. At least that's my excuse :)

This video on how to remove the trim panels from the inside of the hatch was also valuable.
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