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For those people who use a disabled scooter. Here is how to load it into the Pri.

I. Remove the scooter seat and put it on the ground.
2. Fold a rubber mat or movers blanket over the rear bumper to prevent the scooter from scratching the bumper.
3. Fold the scooters tiller down so it lays flat on the scooter body.
4. Lift the front of the scooter and lean it against the rear bumper, rear wheels on the ground and the front of the scooter leaning aginst the rear bumper.
5. Keep your foot behind one of the rear wheels to keep the scooter from sliding backwards.
6. Lift the scooter from it's rear, [the part sitting on the ground] and slide it into the Pri.
7. Push it into the Pri as far forward as possible. If your scooter has a lock which can prevent if from moving, engage the lock.
8. Put the seat into the rear hatch.
9. Fold the mat or blanket into the Pri.
10. Close the rear hatch and go.

Please reply if this method worked for you.

Arizona Charlie
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