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One:-less windage mono-form slipstream quiet at speed, beautiful at rest.
Two:-the joy can be there for "engine off!"
Three:-cheap, practical, only one forward gear (does away with hydraulics
and clutches)
Four:-drive is better, fun, seamless and deeper satisfaction
Five:-like wind gusts (but this time "on demand"), outstanding acceleration
Six:-requires co-operation and continuous optimizing (between pwr. sources) like teamwork on a sailboat
Seven:-as in the analogy with the keel, you have enhanced Vehicle Stability Control & Driver Assist
Eight:-easy on the environment--the least impact, and the raised consciousness of sailors (called Rag Men by Pwr Boaters) allows some smugness over the Stink Potters.
Of coarse co-existance between the two camps will be fine as Hybrid Synergy Drive moves upscale to the RX330, and they find out what we are all about. :lol:
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