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I'm a 2001 Prius owner and I know regenerative braking efficiency has been improved on the 2004, so take my comments with a grain of salt, but I think I can't be really wrong.

Thanks to a Prius Mini-Scanner (unfortunately not available for the 2004 yet) I can monitor the amperage going into the battery during regenerative braking. There's a limit to this amperage which is about 60 A : if you brake more intensely, you will of course slow down more quickly but because you apply the brake pads, not because you generate more electricity. This is because the HV battery power is limited to about 21 kW, both for input and output.

But how much quick is it, since that was your question ? Well, much closer to the "coasting" limit than to the "pretty quickly" one... although I haven't done any precise measurements (I'll try to when I have time), let's say you can consider yourself as the chauffeur of a very rich old woman who asks you to drive her with maximum comfort to her bridge club and you'll have an idea of how smooth you must drive for best regenerative braking efficiency... :wink:
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