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Honda Civic Hybrid arrives in Madison, WI

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I'm so excited I can't breathe. My Honda salesperson just called, and their first Honda Civic Hybrid arrived this morning! It's not test-driveable until Saturday, but I am going down to look at it today. I can still sit in it, and I'll be able to see if i like the "new" Silver Blue Opal color Honda is offering.

This means my Taffeta White should be in, in about 2 weeks, give or take!

I'll let you know my thoughts after my test drive on Saturday.

Considering I put my money down on this car in September, I'm remarkably calm. NOT!! :)

Check with your local Honda dealer. Maybe your dealer got a car this week too!

peace, love, and hybrids,
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I went by the local Honda dealer, yesterday. I sat in the Honda Hybrid. I could not test drive it because they had sold the car already. I did get a brochure so I could compare it to my Prius. IMO, it looks like the Honda strategy is to look at the hybrid as an option package on the Civic. Just like someone might go for a six cylinder or a supercharger for more power, they may also pick a hybrid for higher mpg. The hybrid's pollution rating was the same as the standard Civic, ULEV. Nice car. I hope the hybrids capture the imagination of the American public. Buy a hybrid, stop a terrorist.
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