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Holy crud, one bar!!!

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Went to the car wash yesterday. Hot day, A/C on, unknown SOC. Although the car wasn't in the wash track for an inordinate amount of time, and it was turned off while it was being dried & Windex'd, when I started it up to drive away, the SOC showed only one bar.

I know when the car is in N, it will not turn on the ICE to recharge the battery. In hindsight, I prolly should have turned the A/C off and double-checked the SOC before I gave them the car, but this has never happened before, and I've taken it to this car wash many times.

Any possible damage to the battery by allowing the SOC to go below its intended range? I'm guessing no, but I'm curious whatcha all think.
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I think the bottom of the display is at 20% and the top at 80% so 1 bar shouldn't be out of the range... you should be OK. But lets have someone with more detailed tech knowledge back that up.

I haven't taken mine to the car wash yet... I've actually gone back to the bucket and sponge method! :)
40%-80%. No harm done. Yes, turn off AC for your MPG if for no other reason.

That's why I have been advocating putting the car in Ig-On rather than leaving in READY for neutral. Can't do anything to the HV battery if not in ready, but Ig-On mode will allow you to go into neutral. Once the car exits the washer, put back to READY, then drive.
Will that drain the little battery, or that shouldn't be a concern? TIA
Yeah but Dan, the HV battery still drains in IG-ON mode.
No, it does not. The relays are open. Only during READY are the relays closed, which powers the inverter. There is a slight drain being that the voltage is still monitored by the battery ECU, but that is extremely negligable.

Yes, you are using the 12V battery but that should last far longer than the HV, and even if it does drain, it can be boosted. HV can't.
Really? but but when I'm in IG-ON mode, I've seen my bars drop from 5 to 4 bars then to 3 bars before I turned the car off.
They shouldn't. It is possible that you first were seeing residual energy, and the battery ECU monitoring caused a slight drain bringing it down to its true level. But even then, it should not go down much.
nah, it went down from 5 to 3 bars. I had the radio and A/C on
You may note in Ig-On, although the fan is running using the 12v battery, the AC compressor is not. Must have been getting warm in there.
Yeah I realise it'll only be the fan running. I was actually in the garage. I had it in IG-ON mode so that I could operate the power windows. I was cleaning them and wanted to clean the tops of the windows as well.
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