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Highlander Hybrid Seats

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My seats are very, very hard. Does anyone out there think that maybe the heaters were installed incorectly? If no one else has this problem, then maybe I should take it to the dealer to be checked or fixed.

Thanks, Jill
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Highlander Hybrid Seats with Heaters


When we got my wife's 2006 HH, we did not buy the package that included the heated seats.

In a prior car, we had seat heaters installed by the dealer via a 3rd party. This time, we found someone in Newark, OH, that would install them for $250 a seat. We had this done a short while after we got the vehicle.

They did a great job - the cloth seats heat up fast, the switches are installed in the same locations as the factory installed switches, and the seats feel the same was before the installation. Also, I think they did the job in less than a day and you can't tell any work was done.

Take care!
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Jill posted in Jan of 06 but I've got to say the unheated seats in both my Prius and Highlander, I would classify as being firm in comparison to any other car seats I have had.
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