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About buying a new Prius

Hello all!

We are moving rapidly toward buying a 2004 Prius. We looked at them before, The second generation technology sounds really wonderful etc. but the clincher was the hatchback and the fold-down rear seat in the 2004.
But... I have a lot of questions. Can you help?

1. I have owned a Camry and loved it. It has a full size spare. My Mazda doesn't, it has the "donut" I would like to know what the new Prius has.

2. I have heard that there might be NO spare in the 2004 - Michelin "run-flat" tires. Possible???

That will do for now. But, since the Prius owners seem to be a chummy group rather like foreign car owners in the late 50's and early 60's, I'd be grateful for any sage advice that you folks might care to offer.

Thanks very much,

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